Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Want to dollars from facebook?

Yesterday afternoon I have a friend who wrote on my Facebook wall if there is info to get dollars from Facebook again through Easy Cash program. Out of curiosity, I was immediately opened up and find the information that said my friend. It turns out there is truly Easy Cash program. The program is a program alias Pay Per Lead we get paid if we can bring other people to join the program.Want to dollars from facebook? Easy to follow this program Cash :

1. Login on Facebook
2. Open the application program
Easy Cash click http://apps.facebook.com/easycash-usd/
3. Allow to use the Cash Easy application, press the button allow aja
4. After using the Cash Easy application, automatic direct friends can $ 1 just for signing up
5. Time to look for dollar program Easy Cash by referring them to friends through the wall, messege, or application invitation.
6. 1 person we refer, we paid $ 0.02 or $ 0.03 (do not know is different: D)
7. Money can be withdrawn if it is to get at least $ 5 and sent via Paypal (if not wrong: D)

Quite right especially now that many people who can and use Facebook. Inspired by Paypal Whistlist actually pay, I too believe in this program must also be paid

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