About Me

About Me : 

Name          : Edi Gunawan 
Place / 
Date of Birth: Tasimalaya, 09 July
Gender        : Male 
Occupation  : Teaching, Secretary of the Foundation 
                   Nashirul Huda, R & D at Yayasan Nurul 
                   Rahman, Chairman of the NGO GMBB.
Hobbies       : Sports, Reading, Learning, etc.
Stars           : Cancer 
Address       : Jl. Raya Singaparna Barat Km. 1 No. 09 
                                                 Tasikmalaya, West Java - Indonesia 

Website    : www.ibusinessinfocenter.com 

"No other way to success ... except fill ourselves with knowledge, interlace and enhance the business relationship. Wake UP and STAR of NOW.!!"

A website / blog that presents about Business Info, Business Management, Marketing, Affiliate Programs, Tips, Internet, SEO, Make Money Online, WAH, Traffic System, etc.

Contact : 
YM    : egun.site 
Phone: +62 085723498558 / 082118828558

BCA Tasikmalaya Branch 
No. 0540577439 
a / n. Edi Gunawan, SP