Friday, November 12, 2010

5 Type the Headline for your Sales Letter

You've read the papers? Must have. Who the hell today who have never read the papers? Although not every day, but we certainly never read it.

When you read a newspaper which pages you read first? Home? Rear? Or the middle pages?

Because we usually find out the headline first. In the headlines this is the location of the most important information that day. Yes ... at least by reading the title of headlines we know what is "hot" today.

Well, now we'll talk about the headline sales letter for affiliate web sites. Actually it is not just a sales letter that needs to headline. In every web page we also need to head to begin writing the entire contents of the page.

Just like the headline in a newspaper, the headline here also contains important information in a sales letter or your web page. Headline This function was first attracted the attention of visitors.

This headline should be interesting! So that visitors fall in love with us since the sales letter first sight. Moreover, you're marketing the product. With a sales letter of interest, visitors will be interested in buying.

So, as affiliate marketing, you must be smart to choose the most appropriate headline. Ok ... under these types of headlines you can use for the sales letter.

1. Headline News
Headline of this kind contain information that visitors never know. Usually the headline of this type are used to introduce the latest product that has never existed. Or at least not yet known to many people. For example, a sales letter for the product color photocopiers.

2. Headline Promise
Headline type is promising something on the visitors if they follow the advice you give. For example like the phrase, "As soon join and click join now. You will be able ebooks for free.! "

3. Selective Headline
You confuse what it means to selective headlines? Selective headline means choosing the visitors. This headline directly lead to certain groups of visitors. Not applicable to all visitors. So, in other words, this headline for a sales letter that their products have a certain market share.

For example, "special care for those of you who have problems with fertility of your beautiful hair."

Lack of sales letter does not encompass all visitors. So for those who do not have a problem with fertility hair is not going to read your sales letter further.

4. Curiosity Headline
The purpose of this headline as an angler interest for visitors interested in reading your sales letter further. Or in other words, the headline of this type are able to make visitors curious.

For example, "how to safely cope with insomnia." Although not all people experience insomnia, but many want to know how to cope with sleep difficulties. Because, sometimes in life a person must have experienced trouble sleeping. Especially for those who live full of pressure of work or frequently experienced stress.

5. Demand Headline
Usually this type of product from the headlines could attract all visitors. Yes, its market share more widely. Like what?

For example, "How to get money the easy way? Here the answer! "Everyone must be interested in this sales letter. Who does not want to easily get money? Well, if many visitors are curious about the ways to get money easily, this means successful sales letter.

Yupp! Headline ambition is usually to answer a lot of people. But, be careful with the choice of words you use. Instead, do not use excessive words. Later visitors even run from your web site. Because, they are hard to believe with the words "exorbitant".

The division of this kind of headline is not intended to bind your creativity. You may also really incorporate these types of headlines (headlines hybrid). During its use effectively for product sales letter, this merger is fine.

Oh yes, there's one more thing you should consider in making headlines. Do not write a headline using all capital letters. Because, writing in capital letters can reduce the interest of viewers in reading the sales letter. You may not use capital letters for the words choice and its importance.

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