Friday, November 12, 2010

Give 'Value', Not the Product! (Part 1)

Key generate large income is the ability to create 'value'. There is 'something' that can attract people to spend their money to buy goods you marketed. Because the consumer actually never care about your product. All they care about is 'value', value, or benefits.

Indeed there are moves to popularize merchandise. As if the affiliate program, there are tricks on how to attract visitors, 7 steps to attract visitors, or how to attract loyal customers.

However, all the moves it becomes meaningless if you do not have the products 'value'. Is like a toothless lion when it roars rather than scary but instead looks ridiculous. Items you have to offer instead of leaving a positive impression, but instead make a run for the buyer.

So, consider the 'value' of your product.

Regarding the 'value', you can give it directly. That is directly attached to the product being offered. For example, you have 100 kinds of products that can be directly perceived benefits users. But can also indirectly. For example by providing service after the purchase, such as lifetime free consultation and more.

But whatever you do, the important core activity is to create 'value'. Well, do not forget, the message 'value' of your product must be delivered to the consumer.

Not difficult in fact the concept of 'value' of this. Anyone can do it. Including YOU! But unfortunately not many people realize the importance of the role of 'value' of this. So do not be surprised if their incomes become jammed bin clogged.

Usually, they are paying less attention to 'value' is suffering from two 'diseases'. One of these diseases reflect too much to make money.

They are usually the first disease is usually complained kesahnya thrown like this: "I'm confused. Every day I've been thinking about my business, write the purpose of my business, imagine what I want, and trying to attract as much revenue. But what I can? That can be achieved only piece. And could not even cover my expenses. Until I have to owe to the neighbors and relatives until the longer my debts are cumulative. I also had to write down what I experienced in my diary to pace yourself. There is also I pray and continue to add to science. But there was no change. Until it seems I lost hope. What is my sin? "

It's true reflection is important. I do not mean to refer to self-reflection as an activity wrong. But we need to realize that not enough reflection. As long as you only do self-reflection but without real action is accompanied MONEY WILL NEVER flowing into YOUR BAG!

Writing a diary and reflection may be very important for you. I also sometimes do it. But that needs to be understood, that activity does not give anything to anyone else. Do not ever think when you meditate or ponder the fate of your business suddenly wad of cash or a check down from the sky.

If you want to get money, all you need is to create 'value' and submit it to the appropriate person.

No value, no money! That's what you need to remember.

Still confused? Ok. Read it goes in the next post.

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