Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Change Visitors Become Buyers

Your website has a fairly high traffic? Thank goodness then. But I would be happy again if high traffic was also affected by the high rate of your sales. It's useless if the traffic is not high but sluggish sales?  

Maybe something like this being you experience. The website you've never had a problem about traffic. Every day is a lot of visitors accessing your website. But, unfortunately most of the only ride through the course.  
Similarly, if you as a reseller. Visitors who use your link has been booming. But still a few who make a purchase. Of course this is not like you expect it?  

But, of course then you do not even frustration, withdrawal, and reluctant to continue your Internet business. Relax ... There is no question that has no answer. Consider the following tips. An effective way this can be used other than by a merchant, also by resellers.  

1. Create Attractive Headline  
The most important part of a web page or your sales letter is the headline. For the headline or title that was first seen by your visitors. And the visitors have not much time. Usually after a few seconds reading the headlines, the visitors decided to read it or just 'run away' from your web site.  

Therefore, your headline should be compelling. In order for visitors interested in reading the contents. A good headline should be able to provoke the curiosity of visitors. Write the unusual (but not mean you have to lie). Attract visitors as soon as possible. And convey the value of your product. Regarding the headline, there are various types of headlines that can be used for your sales letter.  

Likewise if you as a reseller. In the advertising / promotions you do, the selection of headline plays an important role to your success. Make sure you use enough headlines that arouse the attention of visitors and be able to move them to act as you wish.  

2. You, you, and you, Not I  
Many people who probably do not really care how hard and difficult you make a product or start a business online. All they care about only one: "what's in it for me?" Therefore, as a seller you must understand this human nature. Always ask yourself, "What are the advantages for your customers?"  

Then, persering use the word 'you' rather than the word 'I'. And always understand what visitors want. And fill. Definitely a powerful sales letter you will bring in sales.
Tips are also inappropriate to use a reseller. Expand the word 'you' in the promotion you are doing. Know exactly what your visitors need. And the answer is through promotion / advertisement you.  

3. Desire Meets Visitors  
To increase traffic, one fundamental thing that needs to always keep in mind is filled with the desire of visitors. Understand why they come to your website. Surely, when they read your sales letter, they want questions answered that meets their minds. They could not possibly buy a product that is not clear.  

Therefore, as much as possible your sales letter can answer their doubts. Offer a variety of benefits they can get by buying your products.  

Also try to position yourself in their position. Approximately what will make your own mind to buy the product being offered? Write down everything and find the best answer anyone could not resist making what you offer.

And another thing, if they are already doing things that you expect, do not make them disappointed. Something similar could be done reseller. Notice that you attach promotional materials. Does the reader doubt already answered the ad?

4. Give free articles 
Other steps to increase traffic is to write articles related to your product. Or can also be about improving the ability of your resellers.

Provide information relevant and useful. No need is too long. One to a maximum of three pages is enough. Characteristics of the writing on the internet should not be too long. Therefore, the internet access of the average lazy to read articles that long-winded. They want short and concise writing. As well as reading on a computer is not as comfortable as reading on paper.

By writing articles, slowly will also enhance your reputation. So next time you will be considered an expert in your field. The important thing is you are consistent with what you write. Then list all your articles in directories. This step will help increase your traffic.

If the reseller how? Resellers can do it. By creating articles related to marketed products. However, it is better if the reseller at least have a blog.

5. Ask guests in action  
If you want visitors to buy your product, very good if you guide them to do so. For example, you can write a sentence like "Click here to order" or "Order now before sold out." No need to be shy. Ask bluntly.

Likewise for resellers, bluntly put what you want. Ask readers to click your link ads.
When done consistently, the steps above will help you to feel the pleasure of getting money from the internet at any time.

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