Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Visitors anesthetized with Sales Letter

In your affiliate web site, whether you have a lot of buyers? 

If not, about what is missing from your website? Maybe you think that website design is good. Nothing is too much, too fast loading. Well, what about that so ya troublemaker, inhibiting your sales? 

To try to answer this problem, you try to answer this question first. "Whether the sales letter you created can anesthetize visitors?" 

Remember, yes, it also lives a sales letter website or blog your affiliate. If no visitors are "interested" in your sales letter, yes ... do not expect any buyer. 
Well, to make a sales letter ... read first anesthetize the below ...
  1. Think of visitors. Yes, we do not think about yourself when you create a sales letter. But, think about how visitors feel when we read the sales letter. So, do not create a sales letter that is too "narcissistic." We should not merely talk about ourselves. Because visitors bored with excessive commentary. Yes ... except when we have enough known by the reader. Precisely to the "narcissistic" could be the motivation of the reader. Eg we could write about our achievements and skills. But, yes still ... do not overdo it!
  2. Think of the benefits of your product. However the name people buy it because they needed. And because they want to take advantage of your product. So sometimes the buyer does not care about the benefits of your product. They think, 'If I do not need this product and there is no benefit for me, why should I buy? "
  3. Logic Vs Emotion. This point was the opposite of the point no 2 above. If we had been discussing the visitors to buy because they need, now we discuss visitors buying because they do not need. That is how? For example, yes ... the visitors who like shopping. They often buy things they do not need but they want. Well, it's your duty to make visitors buy what they want. So, use words that can cause emotions to buy. Do not just words full of emotion! You know the difference?
  4. Personal experience. Many people are interested in personal experiences. If you install a personal experience in your sales letter, this certainly is effective. Because the sales letter thus able to persuade visitors. You can tell me your experiences after using the products you sell.
  5. Arrange your words in a list or lists. Do not write bullet points about your product in the form of the paragraph. Order, visitors can clearly read what your product menfaat. And, they can simply read what they are seeking. Anyway, do not forget to make a short paper and to the point.
  6. No need to pursue perfection. The purpose of a sales letter that sells the product. So, do not get stuck with making the perfect sales letter that language. Spelling and grammar are correct enough. So, you still show professionalism. And, most important visitors understand your point.
  7. Trial. To determine the success of a sales letter, you must test. Yupp! The test result can you see with sales figures. If you have high sales, your sales letter can be said to be able to anesthetize visitors.

One thing that is not less important, when you create a sales letter you imagine talking to your close friends. Remember, visitors who read the sales letter have their own needs. If you can empathize with their interests, your sales will increase!

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