Thursday, November 11, 2010

Promotion Key to Success: Target Your Message

Just look around you at this time. How incessant promotion and advertising that made the product owner. There's hardly an empty space that is not crammed full of advertising or promotion.

Billboard or banner meets the road. From school, bus stop, even to the bathroom there is any ad. All objects of city buses, T-shirts, until a toothpick or a tissue where there are also ads. Everything scramble your attention!  
Likewise in the world of the Internet, promotion or advertising is now more intense. Whether in the form of banners, classified ads, or ads that covertly inserted through the link. Everything is also trying to attract your attention. But exactly how to promote effective? For promotional efforts which we did at least produce worthwhile results. Promotion of effective no how. One principle is to focus the content of the message you want to convey.  

Let us learn from advertising and promotions around us. You could say that successful campaigns are those that have one message. A campaign contains one message. The goal so that the message delivered is not "compete" or obscured by other messages. So, the key focus the message you want to convey. If you sell a product, you promote the ONLY create one message only. You can feel the difference in effect told the campaign that a lot with only one message right?  

Then, the second step, disseminate your campaign. The more you spread and vigorous campaign, the greater the chances of success. Because, ad or promotion you do will get to more people and continue to "bombard" them.  

The trick in addition to promoting on the internet, can also be done in your neighborhood. You can create flyers that promote your products and posted in strategic places. It could also put a web site address or your blog on your vehicle.  

In addition, use the most classical way of promoting skip to: from mouth to mouth. Tell people that you know about your product. Tell the people you meet about your products.
Nothing to be ashamed. Because you're not doing the embarrassing. You simply deliver your product. Gratitude, gratitude if they are interested. Or at least they know about your product.  

If you have a lot of promotional messages to be conveyed and how? Whatever you want to convey, my advice should ONLY one single promotional message. If you have a lot of messages, create in a variety of promotions.  

Posting or a compelling sales letter has only one message. And you can strengthen it in various ways. Maybe by example, testimonials, and more. Yes, just one message! Many messages will only make you lose track promotion even confuse your visitors attention. What then do what makes them confused.  

If you want visitors to remember your message, make the message as simple as possible. Good promotion is short-solid-clear and close to their lives. No need to beat around the bush, to convey your message is straightforward.  

If you can not summarize your business in one sentence, if the visitor's hard to catch your website in 10 seconds, then you fail to communicate. Your message failed to stick in their minds. And that means your campaign has not succeeded.  

To strengthen your brand, it is important also to have the slogan, slogan, or tagline that describes your business. When tested the results would be amazing. Still remember "Wake UP and STAR of NOW .!!"? The slogan that became the driving visitors to change their lives by making concrete steps.

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