Sunday, October 24, 2010

BI: Honest to Customer, Bank Lending Rates Should Announce

Jakarta - Bank Indonesia (BI) continues to develop rules that require banks to announce the amount of base rate loans or prime lending rate. This is done to improve the transparency of the bank to its customers.   

This was conveyed by the Deputy Governor of Bank Halim Alamsyah in the opening ceremony Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Expo 2010 at the JCC, Senayan, Jakarta, Saturday (10/23/2010).

"The rules are being drafted. We expect this year. The rules are intended to provide transparency to customers," said Halim.   

Halim said the prime lending rate banks must be announced to encourage healthy competition among banks, and the public can know the banking situation.   

"With the community know what is happening in the banking, then public confidence in the banking sector will increase," he explained.   

Earlier, central bank governor also said Nasution BI now continue to prepare regulations to force on 1 November.   

"With these rules every month the Bank must announce interest rate credit based on each sector. In order to distinguish between prime corporate loans, retail, housing and other consumption," said Nasution at the time.   

Furthermore, Nasution said, in order to create transparency of the announced prime lending rate does not include the risk premium. New risk premium will be calculated when the prospective borrowers applying for loans.   

"Customers can see in the newspaper, and could choose the lowest. But if the bank did not know it could have a higher risk premium," said Nasution.   

BI as the central bank, continued Darmin, will not fix the amount of prime lending rate. Mortgage interest rates which will create its own competitive with transparency. However, although not include a risk premium on keterbukannya, the banking industry still need to include details about the design of credit to the BI. 

Previously, Director of Risk Management Bank Mandiri Sentor A. Sentausa states objected to the rule. According to the BI should publish the basic interest scale of bank credit.   

According to him, the calculation of base rate loans at each bank will be different. Especially when compared between large banks and small banks. This raises concerns figure into the calculation of interest is not in accordance with the rules.   

For this reason, there needs to be the most efficient way of calculation of the BI. With BI announced, he said, could keep the reputation of the central bank itself. (Nia / dnl)

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