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Offering, The Very Important in Your Business

Offering, The Very Important in Your Business 

By Zig Ziglar, "If we are quite capable of fulfilling what other people want, then we will get what we want too." 

Therefore, it is very important to us as a person who is engaged in the business to consider an appropriate form of bidding. If we are able to provide the right offer, like what other people (potential customers or consumers) want, the business of marketing we can as we want. I think the main thing most important in a business are: 

  1. Not business card.  
  2. Not the office (physically), we can even start a business even from our garage, as I do myself.  And it turns out, after I manage with a professional, though starting from a garage, my business could grow very rapidly until now.  
  3. Not Mr. Hi Tech. Because as good as any technology you have in your company, could be meaningless if we are not able to market their surplus products and our company.  
  4. In fact, not a product or service. The most important in a business is offering. Because, in essence a business would not exist prior to the offering occurs.  

Although you do not have your own products or services, you actually can offer products or services of others. Like when there is stagnation in the sale of apartments nationwide, so I offered to help the sale of a corporate apartment provider in order to increase rapidly. Then the landlord asked me, "Mr. Tung can sell how much my apartment?" Then I replied, "Not how many, sir, but how fast I can sell your apartment."  

And finally I agreed to the sale of 152 apartment units in just 1 day (spontaneously apartment owners are very surprised to hear my answer.) True, 152 units in one day! And I also give a quote, if I can indeed help to sell 152 apartments in one day, I am entitled to get a free apartment, but if it does not reach the target (for example, only 72 apartments) then I will pay 50% of one apartment that I will buy .  

Finally, with various marketing strategies that I do, the targets will be achieved on time. Lots of us find this person or company right now who advertise but do not contain a particular offering that was designed with a mature and focused. It can be seen among others in the airline ad on the one hand there are companies that went bankrupt despite continuous advertising and partly because avturnya or fuel increases.  

On the other hand, it turns out we can see there are a few airlines that actually bought some new aircraft in the aviation fuel goes up, among others because it has an effective advertising strategy, which contains sensational irresistible offer (ISO), which makes many consumers are interested in the airline .  

But, unfortunately a lot of ads with great cost without any ISO and without the presence of a strong bid. So, often times a company must spend big and the results are useless. (*) 

Tung Desem Waringin  
Success Coach No. 1 in Indonesia   
The most Powerful People and Ideas in Business 2005

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