Friday, October 1, 2010

How To Register In Search Engines For The Web Quickly Indexed

SEO techniques will be more perfect if you do a lot of promotion.Although once again I am more confident ability search engines like Google that will do by itself without our order. The search engine is the most effective tool than a blog or website directory, free of charge and will be natural for a longer period of time.

As I promised earlier in the article "How Do I Get The Shot Up The Web We Can Quickly Become A Top In SEO", that I would write about how to register in search engines but this article I restrict how to register on Google's search engine, Yahoo, MSN, and Baidu. Because for now the four search engines is a giant search engine on the Internet.

Ok, straight to the subject.

How to register on Google's search engine is as follows: 

  1. Go to google webmaster tools here!  
  2. Enter your web address in the box and click the add site form 
  3. Click the Verify your site 
  4. There is a box titled choose verification method ... and now you click the down arrow and select Add a meta tag 
  5. And will come out code like this:

<meta name=”verify-v1″ content=”8GdpiY7tDl37YjrdR4BTg5ySRdnq+qDcBPZFjdnxvjk=” />

The next code in the copy and paste the below code index file <head>After you copy and paste, now you go back to webmaster tools and click verify. 
Ok, It is finished.

To register at, and do almost the same and the URL address to sign up is:

  - url: 
  - url: 
  - url:

Crawl search engines do need time to do the index, if more than 1 week has not been indexed trying to do the following:

  • Rebuild your sitemap sitemap and then re-submit your website on Google WebmasterTools. 
  • Provide a link from the web that have been indexed to your website (more good links from the web that frequent updates.) usually the way it worked.

    Good luck !

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