Saturday, October 30, 2010

Encompass dollars with Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense?

Affiliate program on the internet based on the payment of Pay Per Click. System works very easy for us to stay put ads provided by google on our website and then google will pay us when the ad is posted on our website at the click by visitors. At the click? yes! just at the click by a visitor of our website has to pay from google, not easy.

How to get ads from google adsense is very easy, we created a website with a specific topic eg concerning business, beauty, and other chemicals - others then register your website on Google Adsense and Google will review our website and wait for a few days, if it turns out our website approved by google adsense to advertise then we will receive confirmation of approval via email and we can get into the adsense account to get the html code that we can enter our website. The length depends on the google can confirm a day or two days. I myself signed up to twice, the first registration has not been approved by google and I list again the second time it had approved a new two-day wait.

Fee that we earn from click ads on our website

For each paid ad in the can is not the same, depending on how expensive appreciate advertiser keyword for ads that he put in google. High value keywords is called High Paying Keywords. For those who live in countries with currencies USD may be worth very little but for us who live in Indonesia with dollar currency conversions are now only, the value is already very high. Imagine if we have two websites visited and every day 300 people per site. If it is assumed there are only 10% of visitors who click adsense ads on your site with commission of 1 dollar per click, then within a day the site was already making $ 30 / day or $ 900 per month. Not bad right?

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