Sunday, October 24, 2010

Real Estate Investment in Asia Promising Until The End Of 2010

Real Estate Investment in Asia Promising Until The End Of 2010
Jakarta - Investment in real estate in the Asia Pacific region until the end of 2010 is predicted to continue rising, as the promising regional economic growth.

Investment in the Asia Pacific region until the end of this year, according to property consultancy firm, Cushman & Wakefield in the report 'Economic Pulse' could reach U.S. $ 257.2 billion. Asia-Pacific region to leave the United States and Europe, each of which U.S. $ 79.37 billion and U.S. $ 125.21 billion. 

Figures for U.S. $ 257.2 billion, most of the entry in the property market investment instruments. The main reason is the strengthening of economic and market fundamentals. According to Managing Director, Research, Asia Pacific, Sigrid Zialcita, GDP growth rates in Asian countries proved the most high until the first half of 2010. 

"China's GDP to surpass even Japan making it the country's largest exporter and second largest economies in the world and is now the largest contributor of growth in world GDP level," according to a report received detikFinance, Saturday (10/23/2010). 

With the stronger economic fundamentals in Asia Pacific, made the request to increase the office. Haga lease office space also increased in some countries, like China, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

"The price of office space lease to have stabilized and improved after the decrease in 2008. China, Hong Kong, and Singapore reported an increase in rental prices of office space in the last two quarters, while other countries in a stable condition," he explained. 

Special Indonesian market, the demand for office space is expected to continue to increase, due to fiscal and financial policy remained accommodative state, to maintain economic growth. In fact there will be excess demand, particularly in the CBD in Jakarta until 2011. 

"While the supply of new office space to non-CBD market will also grow in the next 12 months and likely will be able to withstand an increase occupancy rates. The rental rates are also expected to rise in line with the increased occupancy rates," added Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia David Cheadle. (WEP / dnl)

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