Friday, October 1, 2010

How Do I Get The Shot Up The Web We Can Quickly Become A Top In SEO

Almost all the internet information seekers use the services of search engines to find data and information sought. Listed on search engines and the sites that appear on the first page of search engines is the dream of every owner of the web. By appearing on the first page for targeted keywords that will increase web visitors so that the intent and purpose of the web owner to convey information on the website is very efficient.  

To appear on the first page of search engines is not an easy thing, let alone such a big search engines google and yahoo. We must go beyond the site - a site that already exists on the first page of google. And it was not easy to have the patience to do the tricks and ways - ways that have been taught by master SEO that has been experienced.
This article will examine several ways that need to be registered for our website and can crawl up to the first page of search engines with keywords that we want.

Register First Pages on Search Engines

Google and Yahoo is a giant search engines even though many search engines available on the internet most Internet users find information through the search engines so that your web compulsory to have been registered in Google and Yahoo so that your website can be recognized by Google and Yahoo. How would I write register in here.

Web Content is Always New and Updated.

Try to always update the web contents regularly and periodically. If you can try every day to your web content is always fresh. It's no secret that search engines like web with content that is always updated. Or at least 3 times a week web updates.

Try not copy and paste because search engines like Google can compare the contents of a web page the results of the cheat or the original. This web page is usually not easy to duplicate the results to rank better.


Using the right keywords also have significant influence to be able to attract visitors to your website. The selection of keywords should not just guessing but it's better if the keyword tracker so that the keywords you use on your website is keyword searchable and has many small competitors.

Popular Links

more and more links from other websites pointing to your website then your website will be considered important by search engines so that the opportunity to achieve better rankings in search engines will be even greater.

Try to always add a link of this popular every day, can be a way you comment on other blogs and leave a link that leads to your website or exchange links with other blogs. Try a link that leads to your web / blog same label with the web content that we have. Even better if the links that lead to our blog is one way links or links that direction. 

Applying to the Open Directory

Register your website in DMOZ open directory because search engines like Google use DMOZ data for their search results. But it's not that easy to get listed in DMOZ because it could wait until months - the month for the web can be indexed in DMOZ directory.But do not be surprised if it turns out you've terlisting website in DMOZ then your traffic will quickly skyrocketed.

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