Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creating Installation Windows 7 / Vista from USB flash

Creating Installation Windows 7 / Vista from USB flash
Usually the process of installing Windows 7 or Vista done via DVD with DVD-ROM / RW. But now with so many netbook or laptop that does not include DVD-ROM, people sometimes confused how to install it. The solution is to make the installation of Windows 7 or Vista into a USB flash drive (USB Drive). To make it we can use free software setup from USB.
Setup from USB is a free software (open source) which is intended to make installing windows 7 or Vista into a USB Flash drive. So Flashdrive Bootable and this becomes easier the installation process for users who have a netbook or laptop without a DVD-ROM / DVD-RW.  

Step Making Bootable USB 

To create a bootable USB that contains the installation of Windows 7 or Windows Vista, set the flash size of at least 4GB. next, download and install it first SetupFromUSB (4.8 MB). Once downloaded, extract the zip file and run setup.exe. Furthermore, the manufacturing as follows: 

   1. Run the Setup program From USB.
   2. Select the location of windows 7 or Vista installation. Usually the drive from DVD Rom


  3. The next step is to choose a location that will be made bootable, USB Flash Drive that is us. Make sure that important data on the flash is on the move, because the flash will be in the format (all of its contents removed), including all partitions on the flash if there is


   4. Once selected, put a check written in red below it (I have already backup all the data 
        ...), then click Next
   5. Will show a confirmation of our choice, if you are sure, click Finish

   6. Wait for the process of making a Bootable USB Windows 7/Vista
Once completed, then it becomes a bootable USB stick and can be used to install windows 7 or Vista in accordance with the resources we have created. To Can boot from flash, then the BIOS of your computer / laptop / netbook should be regulated for the first time the boot sequence is a USB or removable media.

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