Monday, October 18, 2010

Property People Indonesia Reaches $ 3 T

JAKARTA (SINDO) - The wealth of Indonesia estimated to reach more than $ 3 trillion in 2015. This is in line with the projections of global wealth will increase 61% in the same year.  

It was revealed from the projections and the report of Global Wealth Report The Credit Suisse Research Institute received SINDO lalu.Dalam weekend report said, in the last decade the total wealth in Indonesia jumped five-fold to reach USD1, 8 trillion. This figure is projected to grow two-fold within five years. "Wealth average adults in Indonesia was also shot 384% from 2000 to USD12.112.

This became the fastest growth in Asia-Pacific and the fourth highest in the world, "said Credit Suisse Private Banking CEO Walter Berchtold in the report. Of the total population of Indonesia, 20% of the population have an average wealth-ranging USD10.000 100.000.Sementara majority of the population or approximately 87% have a wealth under USD10.000. Walter said the global wealth grew by about 71% since 2000 until now, reached USD195 billion.

This was driven by economic expansion in the state of global berkembang.Kekayaan predicted to reach USD315 billion, an increase of 61% in 2015. "Overall, almost 60% or 587 million rich people live in Asia-Pacific. China listed as the country's third largest producer of rich people in the world, only behind the United States and Japan, "he said. Total household wealth in China reached USD16, 5 trillion, the United States with a wealth of USD54, 6 trillion, and Japan, USD21, 0 trillion.

"This report should ensure that countries in the Asia-Pacific region, who dominate the new consumer middle-class world, a factor that encourages the growth of wealth of the world," said CEO of Credit Suisse Asia-Pacific Osama Abbasi. He predicted that this growth trend will continue. Total household wealth in China is projected to soar more than 100% to USD35 trillion in 2015.  

China is expected to beat Japan once listed himself as the second largest force in the world. (Wisnoe moerti) Pertamina ahold of 27.9% Shares MedcoJAKARTA (SINDO) - PT Pertamina (Persero) becomes the holder of an indirect 27.9% stake in PT Medco Energi International Tbk.

Indirect ownership was obtained by Pertamina after signing the principles of agreement (PoA) with Encore International Ltd (Eil) to purchase some shares of Encore Energy Pte Ltd (EEPL) owned by Eil on Friday (15/10) last. "The process of this purchase will make Pertamina as an indirect shareholder of 27.9% in Medco Energy.

The share of other shareholders in Medco Energy is not disturbed by this transaction, "said VP of Corporate Communications Mochamad Haron Pertamina in Jakarta yesterday. A total of 50.7% stake owned by EEPL.EEPL Medco Energy is a company incorporated in Singapore, while Eil is a company incorporated in British Virgin Island which has a number of shares EEPL.

"Both sides (Pertamina and Eil) have agreed to continue the evaluation related to the level of Exclusivity Period portion of the process of selling and buying shares in EEPL Eil," said Aaron. He also stated, both Pertamina and Eil realize the transaction will not result in a tender offer to other shareholders. Exclusive period will expire on November 30, 2010.

Haron said, this transaction will strengthen both company's business development strategy through a synergy between Pertamina and Medco Energy. He said the synergies between oil and gas companies in Indonesia was also the basis for both companies brings together the technical capability, financial, business, management, and their respective resources in order to maximize profits for shareholders and ensuring the availability of energy for all the Indonesian people.

As for Pertamina, added Haron, the transaction is a step in the corporation as part of efforts to meet the target increase crude oil production and fulfillment that will be processed in refineries, Pertamina. "We will ensure that existing cooperation projects can proceed with a better position to support Pertamina is so much stronger at home and abroad," said Haron. (Maya Sofia)

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