Saturday, October 30, 2010

How to find dollars on the internet via blog - part 2

Sign up for affiliate programs moneymaker

You must ask where I can register the program. Ok, a lot of money-producing affiliate programs on the Internet began to pay per click, pay persale, pay per lead, pay per review, etc.. Simply I just write two programs that pay per sale and pay per click because I have been the focus in both these affiliate programs.

First is the program that have a payment system, pay per sale, that you will be paid by them when there have been selling their products through your website. For pay per sale affiliate program that has been actually pays its members are: 

- Shareasale ( )
- Amazon (
- Commisionjunction (
- Etc..

Both are programs that have a pay per click payment system, which you will pay them when visitors your website / blog you do click on those ads you put on your blog. For pay per click affiliate program that has been actually pays its members are:
- Google Adsense (
- Bidvertiser (
- Adbrite (www.adbrite)
- Chitika (
- Etc.

After you register and be accepted then you will be given a unique link code from your service provider to put on your blog.
So the next thing you do is:

If you use the service pay per sale then put banners or links to their products on your blog. you can review their products and provide links to products you review. If you are interested reader reviews then they will click on the link to the product you mean then visitors will transact with the providers of products and if a deal then you will receive a commission from the service provider.

If you use pay per click services then simply put the ad code in your blog without having to review the products advertised. So just put an ad in order at the click of visitors. (Specifically pay per click, remember! Do not make their own click on the ads that you attach because the providers with the method they use will be easy to know and you can remove the risk of membership).

Promote your website.

Website / Blog that you created is not by itself directly dkenal by potential end. During this every Internet user is always looking for the information they need through search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and others. For how to campaign on search engines I've written it and you can read here.

How do they pay us?

How to payments made by the merchant has a different way. Generally they use three ways:
- By check
This check will be sent to your address after the revenue or income you at least reach $ 100 this is the boundary of the common merchant. It is also useful for us in Indonesia, because when we had Monetize check to our bank charge of $ 10 or more per check. You can also specify the minimum number would be sent did not have $ 100.

- Through Western Union
I think this is the most practical payment but the new Google Adsense pay via this service. With Western Union you can just come to the post office or bank that says Westren Union, then you can just bring your ID and number of transfers that have been sent by the merchant to you.

- Through PayPal
Payment via PayPal is a payment made by the merchant through the PayPal service. PayPal is one of the many online companies that provide money transfer services via the internet. You must have a PayPal account in order to use this service and to be able to take in real money you need a credit card.

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