Monday, September 27, 2010

CPA Marketing

Most of us are aware of affiliate marketing, which is a form of virtual advertisement on the Internet with the help of which companies all over the world sell their products to consumers from any part of the globe. However, have you ever heard of CPA marketing? Well, CPA stands for Cost per Action.

The basic idea of a CPA marketing plan is to gain useful information from potential consumers and convert them into profitable leads for future sales generation. This information can be of various kinds: telephone number, residential address, email address, social security number, credit or debit card number, etc.

Depending on the importance of the information marketers in a CPA network get paid. Yes, all you need to do is have potential customers who come to your website submit crucial information about  hemselves so that the company that you are working for can use it in future for affiliate marketing. Sometimes the pay for a single bite of such information can be only 70 cents. At other times it can be
as high as $50!

The best thing about CPA networking is that you get paid even if you dont manage to sell the product that your company is making. Basically if the individual, who visits your website clicks on an advertisement, downloads a newsletter, signs up for a regular subscription or simply goes ahead and buys the product, you get paid in commission.

However, if you want to be taken seriously as a CPA marketer by CPA networks then you need to have a website of your own. Companies will want to see if you are fully equipped with apparatus that you will require to promote their products. If you dont have a website of your own, create one immediately. If you are not sure about creating one on your own, hire a professional to do the job for you.

Once you have your own website you need to embed the HTML codes and links of the various products of the companies that you want to market through CPA networks, on to your website. You can ask the website designer who made your website to do this job for you as well if you dont want to do it yourself.

Cost per Action marketing is more profitable than affiliate marketing in the sense that in case of the latter, an affiliate only gets paid in case of a sale. In case of CPA marketing, one gets paid as long as he or she can derive some sort of activity from the consumer. Generation of leads is what companies look for from a CPA marketer.

Once you have come across a profitable line of advertising among them any CPA networks out there you can build on your leads by also indulging in affiliate marketing of the same products. You can invest in your website by submitting articles to article directories to spread awareness of the existence of your
website. Using Google Adsense is also a good option to do the same.

Depending on your Return on Investment (ROI) you can invest in your CPA network as much as you like. The idea is to make more and more individuals visit your website so that you can generate better leads.

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