Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is WWW?

The wealth of information now available on the Internet has already surpassed expectations and even the imagination of the inventor of the first system. The Internet was originally created as a military defense system to be decentralized so that it can reduce the risk of total failure, just maybe it can happen if the central system main computer destroyed.
Now, anyone can use the internet anywhere without borders ... provided that could afford it .... We can find any information from this technology, we can even explore the wide variety of sites. And last but not least, the Internet is also used to actualize ourselves .., so it seems to us that loss to be missed.

Well my friend, actually, I will not discuss the matter ... it's just the beginning of my discussion this time. For some time, we have explored new sites that are spread on the internet such as http://www.example.com/ ...
But if you know my friend, what is it www ..? Okay, let's discuss a little ... 

What is WWW? 

World Wide Web, or commonly called the Web, is a collection of information on some server computers connected to each other in the Internet network. Information on the web has a link that connects the information to other information in the Internet. Link has a special mark, whether it be underlined and colored text, icons or images can also form. If you want to know whether the text or image is a link from an information see the changes on the mouse pointer. If changes to a hand drawing, then writing / text and pictures is the link of any information contained on the Internet. 

World Wide Web 

In working with the Web, there are two important things that a Web Browser or better known as Browser and Web Server Software. Both software as a Client-Server system. A Web browser acts as client and Web server as a server. Client allows you to interpret and view information on Web servers while allowing you to receive the information requested by the browser.

Well sometimes we do not want to know, but hopefully this brief explanation is useful.
 Then, what is HTML, home page, HTTP, and URLs?

For that, we'll discuss in the next post, yes, God willing .. 

Salam success!

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