Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tip: How to facebook can be used for Business

As I've told you before, that facebook can you use for your business, let alone business Internet. Then how do I get the benefits of facebook? Usually the people are often split between facebook personal and business, whereas if the two functions were merged You can get a very powerful  effect. The key Branding is to use. How how?

1. Use name of your light.

Virtual world is a world that can be said is not real, if we are not carefulwe can be fooled other people we do not know and maybe we can not take action againstnothing. Concern was also surely emerge in the minds of visitors who becomeour prospects. Therefore, we also have to introduce ourselves clearlythem with your name on our light not the name of imitation.

2. Complete our profile. .

After we present a light, we must also show our profile withclear, and in truth as basic information, contact, education, etc.Ensureyour profile according to your actual conditions so that neither sideYou feel duped.

3. Select a professional profile photo.

Use a professional looking photos for your profile, do not display imagesnot feasible, such as when you wake up.

4. Facebook link to your blog.

You can connect with your blog on facebook. By linkingboth of you can bring in more visitors. If your visitorsmore and more will be more and more also to be familiar with your product.

5. Links with Twitter.

You can combine your Facebook and Twitter, usingboth of you will feel the effects of viral marketing is quite powerful.

6. See your business critical information in your homepage.

It is important compile important information about your business as well as photosYou. This was done so that your potential visitors to know you better.

7th. Use privacy settings for your profile accordingly.

Provide detailed information about ourselves in the profile information, because it canso we are almost the same name with the name of another person

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