Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Differences Page And Profiles On Facebook

Lots of facilities that you can get on facebook. And today a lot of the attention of Internet marketers is the profile on facebook and Facebook Page. Both parts are often used by Internet marketers to introduce your profile, your business or important matters relating to you.

Although the profile and the facebook page looks the same, there are some differences that you must understand so that later you can maximize the function of the second part of this facebook.


Facebook profile

Profile section on up is about a complete profile of a user's facebook ranging from photos to personal data of such member.Typically, the profile of this often gives a chance by the users to only be seen by those who become their friend alone while others will be hidden.

There are some parts of the profiles on facebook, namely:

1. Basic InformationThis section contains basic information about a user's facebook profile. Starting from the town where she lives now, sex, religion, up to his biography. This section is often viewed by other users on facebook.

2. Profile PictureThis section is probably the most simple but also become part of the most preferred is contained on the main image you want to display on your facebook. In this section you can upload your photos in your computer or can directly take photos using a webcam you have.

3. RelationshipsThis section contains about family relationships from facebook users. Usually, this page contains a list of the people closest to the user such as a parent either father or mother, brother, sister, girlfriend or maybe your wife or husband. This section is often filled by people who use facebook with goals related to the family listed on facebook.

4. Likes and InterestsThis section with all sorts of interesting things and preferred by users such as activity, favorite things, favorite music, favorite books, favorite movies to your favorite TV show. This section is often checked and seen by the internet marketer to know one's interest to something.

5. Education and WorkThis section of education that have been taken ranging from high school to college and also work from the user.

6. Contact InformationThis section contains the home addresses and contact information also can be contacted as no telephone, no hp, postal code, email to a website or personal blog.

Facebook Pages

Part facebook pages are often assumed to be a facebook profile associated with everything other than yourself. In other words up pages it contains the profiles that do not exist on your facebook profile, such as a profile of your business, your band profile, the profile of your politics, or the other.
The benefits that you can get from facebook pages are:

  1. Used to promote.
  2. Getting a member of many so-called fans.
  3. Can add the applications you want.
  4. Can have its own URL address.
  5. There are features that you can use to monitor the number of visitors to your pages.
  6. There is a status update that allows anything you write will appear at page update of the member or your fans.
  7. You become an administrator or manager, where you can send a message to all members or fans you many times according to your wishes.

Facebook pages of this section is a favorite part for the internet marketer who wants to introduce products directly to the people nearby who have become members or their fans. By becoming a fan then the user is ready to receive any information on any of your business that will be included with your offer.

Although you can do whatever you want with facebook pages, it is hoped you did not excessive and in accordance with the terms set by the facebook itself. Because if you break them, you have a facebook account can be blocked or the worst will be deleted and you certainly do not want this to happen is not it?

Well now you already know the obvious difference between facebook profile and facebook pages. Facebook profile is used to fill all things about yourself while facebook pages are used to fill in everything you are doing as a business or other things.

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