Monday, September 13, 2010

One Click : Watching TRANS 7, Movies, Music, Streaming, Online, Live, Nonton, Siaran langsung

 TRANS7 is a free online television that is streaming from Indnesia. This channel delivers various programming, Live Streaming TRANS7, Serial, Music, Children Program, reality Show, Comedy, Religion, Documentary, Sports, Variety Show, News, Infotainment, Program Blocking, Theatre7. Watch online TRANS7 from Indonesia category, with various specific programmes.

Company Profile
Trans7 with present commitments in the form of information and entertainment shows, graced the screen in the family room Indonesian audience. Starting from the strategic partnership between the Group and the Kompas Gramedia Group (KKG) on August 4, 2006, Trans7 born as a private station that presents the show which put the intelligence, acuity, full of warmth and personality of active entertainment.
Trans7 previously named TV7 standing with permission from the Department of Trade and Industry, Central Jakarta with the number 809/BH.09.05/III/2000. On March 22, 2000, the existence of TV7 was published in State Gazette No. 8687 as PT. Duta Visual Nusantara Seven television. With the strategic partnership between the Group and KKG, TV7 re-launching on December 15, 2006 as Trans7 and set that date as the day of birth Trans7. Under the auspices of PT Trans Corpora that are part of the management of the Group, Trans7 expected to become an advanced television, with programs in-house productions that are informative, creative and innovative
Logo Trans7 four sides of rectangular shape which reflects decisiveness, strength of character and unpretentious personality familiar and adaptable. The warm blue glow strong but sapphires symbolized the beauty of timeless, and place them on a respectable position among other diamond stones. The combination of slick and easy name to remember, was supposed to bring Trans7 into the middle of Indonesian society and its loyal viewers.
BOARD OF COMMISSIONERSCommissioner Chairul TanjungCommissioners first.  
  1.  Agung Adiprasetyo
  2.  Ishadi SK
  3.  Asih Winanti
BOARD OF DIRECTORDirector of Nur Wahyuni AtiekDirector WishnutamaDirector of Finance and Resources Ch. Suswati Handayani

Trans7 ProgramsTrans7 committed to presenting the best for the audience, by presenting programs that present information such as News every morning, noon, afternoon, and nights are packed in a slick, dynamic, and informative update. Trans7 also provides news and other documentary programs like Good Morning, scene, Origins, and Impressions Adventurers who provides unique insight for the viewers.No less informative, entertainment programs such as the I-Gossip Morning, Afternoon I-Gossip, and the I-Gossip News, and Wara Wiri, more complete adding the horizon in the family room. Programs such as variety shows and comedy lawak Full Color (Kolak) is also always look forward to. Trans7 also comes with four eyes who had been a phenomenal program in Indonesia. Now Tukul and Vega 'Ngatini' comes back in through the program Trans7 Not Four Eyes.
Trans7 sports program has always been anticipated by lovers of sports. automotive enthusiasts, Moto GP and Superbike adrenaline take you to a world-class racing on the track. Trans7 also presents impressions daily sports information on the screen viewers, among them Sport7, One Stop Football, and Football Gallery of Indonesia.
Trans7 also not forget the little viewers by giving them knowledge and entertainment. Boy Adventurers and Si Bolang Streets presents the uniqueness of children's lives throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Laptop Diaries Unyil Unyil and provide fundamental knowledge for viewers' minds. My fellow road which is an adaptation of Sesame Street was also entrusted to run on Trans 7. Through my ideals, trying to present daily Trans7 profession that aspired childrenEquipped with a grain of quality films, Theater7 present at special moments, fill your glass screen. Serial-serial too often we represent excellence as Smalville, Supernatural, and Heroes. Do not forget all the music programs that serve the musicians offering Indonesia via servings Music Specials, 60 Minutes and On The Spot.
Never miss our grain, packaged in bright, active, and entertaining, just in Trans7.

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