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 MIVO TV is a free streaming TV site No. 1 in Indonesia and is the number one channel that serves a variety of program music hits, the latest and popular live / online.

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Music is sound that is received by the individual and vary based on history, location, culture and tastes of a person. The true definition of music is also diverse:
  • Beep / impression of something perceived by the senses listener
  • A work of art with all our constituents and supporters.
  • Any sound produced intentionally by a person or a collection and presented as a musical
Some people think music is not tangible at all. Music by Aristotle has the ability to reconcile a troubled heart, has a recreational therapist and foster patriotism.
Music streams
Here is a list of flow / main genres in music. Each genre was divided into several sub-genres. Categorizing music like this, although sometimes a subjective thing, but it is one of the sciences to be studied and determined by experts of world music. 
In recent decades, the world of music has a lot of growth. Many types of new music that was born and developed. Trip Hop music example which is a fusion between electronic beats with beat-pop music which is light and pleasant to hear. Examples of musicians who carry this type of music is Frou Frou, Sneaker Pimps and Lamb. There is also a hip-hop rock that was carried by Linkin Park. Not to mention rock and neo-wave dance rock that is now being ins. many new music groups that flew with this type of music, including Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, The Killers, The Bravery and many more. 
Even now many bands that carry the local-language songs with rock music, jazz and blues. Music group that brings a new stream in Indonesia has been pretty much one of them is carrying the Funk de Java Java-language songs in rock music.
  • Classical music
  • Folk music / traditional music
  • Religious music : Psaltery, Qasida, Nasyid
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Pop music
  • World music

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