Saturday, September 4, 2010

Online Password Strength Measure

The widespread theft of passwords (the takeover of a username and password) by other than the rightful owner, should make us more cautious in making and maintaining the confidentiality of our passwords. One technique used by thieves is to use techniques password Brute Force Attack or Trying technique. With the help of software. With this software, password thieves may try various possible combinations of characters who have to find a match with the target password.
The longer the number of digits and the more combinations of characters a password then the longer a password using the technique dijebol Brute Force Attack. The following table shows the length of time spent on hacking a password using the technique of trial and error with a computer and the speed of his techniques Brute Force Attack 500 000 passwords per second.

Given the ability of computers to perform more complex process is high, then it is advisable to create a password with the minimum requirements:

* Minimum number of digits (characters) is 8 digits
* Is a combination of letters and numbers
With the help of a website (online), we can do measuring the strength of a password. Please visit to measure the strength of your password. provides information on the Score (value), Complexcity (complexity) and a description of other details (such as number of digits, type any character that is used, etc.)
The higher the score, and Complexcity a password, the harder it will be solved using a technique dijebol or Brute Force Attack.
Keep in mind, techniques to break down or get a password not only use the technique to try it, but it can also can use techniques to spy on Spy or use Trojan virus and keylogger, that all the activity on the keyboard can be recorded, including when typing username and password.
So stay cautious when browsing that involves typing in your username and password, especially that done in public places like cafes and Public Hotspot.

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