Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hardisk With Health Monitor DISKINFO

Hard drive is one of the most important component of a computer.On the hard drive is all stored data, ranging from operating systems, software, and data results of our work. What we feel if it turns out we work on computers that have been stored for several years just disappear because of our hard drives is damaged.Moreover, we do not have backups of their data on another disk.Gee, could face the loss of stress if such data. If damage to the hard drive because of damage to the system partition, there are still possibilities for the recovery, but if the hard drive damage caused by physical damage, for example due to overheating (the temperature is too high) so that the hard drive then burn your kemungkinandata saved is very small.

So that we should routinely monitor the health condition of the hard disk so that our data is safe from damage hard drives. Then how do I monitor these things? By using a freeware called DISKINFO then we can monitor the health condition of the hard disk in real time. This freeware is small, only 730 KB and we do not have to install a live double-click the file DiskInfo.exe then the program will begin running and monitoring the health of our hard drives. Please download DISKINFO at:

DISKINFO (zip, 734 KB) 


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