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My appointment the other day a visitor who inquired about seed eel after my post about The Technique (Guide) Eel and PROSPECTS AND Eel Market, so in this post I will discuss about good eel seed characteristics, type and place - a place that provides seed eel .

Choosing a good seed
Seeds can we get with menangkarkan itself or by purchasing seed from other farmers. Selecting good seed represents the beginning of a very strategic step in starting cattle, failed to plan the use of good seed similar to our own failures to plan ..

Eel good seed traits:
1. His limbs were still intact and smooth, ie no bite wounds or fungus.
2. Healthy appearance, can be characterized in his hard and did not limp when the touch.
3. Nimble and aggressive body movements.
4. The body is small and brownish yellow.
5. Aged 2-4 months.

Eels have a double sex (hermaphrodite) and experienced a change in sex from female to male in the marriage cycle. The young eels are always hatch as female, while eels old male is always in pairs. By the result of these properties eels are like that.Therefore, in eels may occur during sex or sissy empty. About this happens when the eel age 90-10 months. With the change of sex is the eels frequent high cannibalism, which prey on one another and kill each of them (cannibals). Eel good parent can be physically identified and appearance.

The characteristics of the male parent and the parent eels eels female.
Main features of male eels:

Rice field eel
-    Length approximately 40 cm
-    Surface of the skin-color or gray dark, darker than the swamp eel
-    The blunt-head
-    Age above 10-month-

Swamp eels
-    Length 50 cm above
-    The color of the skin surface was dark, yellowish, gray, or mottled
-    Head rather large, large and blunt
-    Age in the 9th month

Main features of female eels
Rice field eel
-    Length about 30 cm
-    The color of skin surface brighter or younger than the swamp eel
-    Belly yellowish and there would be eggs
-    Pointy shape of the head
-    Age under 9 months

Swamp eels
-    Length 40 cm above
-    Bright colors or piebald
-    Pointy shape of the head
-    Aged above 9 months

Must be considered in eel:
1.    Avoid light
2.    Do not be careless, for example, interfere with the eel by hand or insert objects into the pool
3.    As the parameters of waste, for example if an eel's head is bigger than the body means that the location of high levels of waste. Then the eel should be immediately removed or replaced the medium.

Here are some local seed providers eels in Java:

   Nama:    Ibu Lia [Direktur/CEO/Manajer Umum]
   E-mail:    lia_wp78@yahoo.co.id
   Nomer HP:    62-351-9905552
   Nomer Telpon:    62-351-9905552
   Alamat:    Jl. Jambu Rt 24 Rw 04 Maospati Magetan 63392, Jawa Timur Indonesia

   Nama:    Tn. rudy herwanto [Direktur/CEO/Manajer Umum]
   E-mail:    alqasam82@yahoo.co.id
   Nomer HP:    6281324499111
   Nomer Telpon:    6281324499111
   Alamat:    Karangampel Indramayu, Jawa Barat Indonesia

   Nama:    Tn. M. Fajar Junariyata [Direktur/CEO/Manajer Umum]
   E-mail:    mfajarjunariyata@yahoo.co.id
   Nomer HP:    08111104571 or 085213241866
   Nomer Telpon:    021-68025523
   Alamat:    Cipambuan RT 03/03 No. 45 Kec. Babakan Madang Kab. Bogor 16810, Jawa Barat Indonesia

Apart from these places, there are still many areas of eel seeds providers and if you want to look pretty easy. You can do a search using google search engine and you just choose providers located near your area.

Hopefully this article useful.

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