Monday, September 13, 2010

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About TVOne

Dated February 14, 2008, at 19:30 pm, a historic moment because for the first time on the air TVOne. Inauguration by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, lots to become the first TV station in Indonesia who have an opportunity for the Palace was inaugurated President of the Republic of Indonesia.
TVOne progressive Indonesian society inspires aged 15 years and over in order to think ahead and make improvements for themselves and the surrounding community through its News and Sports.
Classify programs in the category News One, One Sport, One Info, and Reality One, lots to prove its seriousness in implementing the strategy by displaying innovative formats in terms of publicity and the presentation of the program.
As a newcomer in the world of News, TVOne has prepared a new form of news that has never existed before. Like Apa Kabar Indonesia, which is the program information in the form of a light discussion with the hottest topics with the speakers and the public, broadcast live on the morning of the studio lots to the outside. Hardnews TVOne news program is packed with the headline: Latest News, Good Morning, Good Markets, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Evening News. Different packaging is also served by the evening news, showing the form that presents news stories directly from the Central Bureau of Jakarta and several Regional Bureau (Medan, Surabaya, Makassar) with the weight balanced between all of the news bureau. This program was awarded by MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) as "Impressions Direct News, which was read by five presenters from four different towns in One Screen." While the evening news in cooperation with all domestic media to produce a complete editorial, credible and dynamic.
Impressions Sport TVOne will include leading games broadcast live, from the National Football Competition (Copa Indonesia), the European Football (English Premier League and the Dutch League), the National Basketball Competition (IBL) and the National Volleyball (Pro League).
TVOne also show Entertainment Selected programs that can provide inspiration for viewers to come forward and always think positive, without the element of fool.
Earlier this year, lots to have 26 stations and at the end of the year will be 37 stations in various regions with the number of potential viewers 162 million viewers. Through these developments, is expected to spread the spirit of TVOne to promote the progress of the nation can be realized very well.
"TVOne: Leading preach"

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