Monday, September 13, 2010

One Click : Watching ANTV Live, Movies, Streaming, Online, Live, Nonton, Siaran langsung

ANTV is a free online television that is streaming from Inodnesia. This channel delivers various programming, Live Streaming ANTV, NEWS, CHILD, ENTERTAINMENT, Religion, SPORTS, CAREER, FILMS, TALK SHOW. Watch online ANTV from Indonesia category, with various specific programmes.

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COMPANY PROFILE PT Andalas Horizon Television or better known as ANTV attend as Indonesia's private television stations serving a variety of impressions of quality entertainment, interesting and add insight and knowledge of Indonesian society. Originally ANTV is a local television station that broadcasts in Lampung and surrounding areas.
With the permission of local broadcast ANTV air for five hours a day, then ANTV get permission from the Minister of Information of the National Broadcast RI with Certificate. 207/RTF/K/I/1993 Date January 30, 1993. Ten days after the permit out ANTV can perform broadcast nationally. Exactly March 1, 1993 for the first time ANTV produce their own programs in the form of actual news coverage the way the General Assembly of parliament. When it succeeded in doing live television ANTV cover the important events of state. Those special moments that serve as the day of birth ANTV, now more than 17 years ANTV community accompany viewers with the best programs.


Emission of thick red illustrates our strength and confidence towards a bright future, which showing ANTV presented as the pride of Indonesia. ANTV white color symbolizes the determination to run this business based on the principles of existing regulation based on the values of honesty, sincerity, and uphold the integrity of the nation. Yellow color symbolizes the prosperity which we hope that ANTV will be able to provide prosperity to all stakeholders.

ANTV, as a family entertainment television channel presents a variety of courses to all circles of society, ranging from kids, teens to adults. Any type of program ranging from programs of the Child, Music, Comedy, Variety Show, News to Sports. ANTV historically, has always been a pioneer for the program is a popular community. Call it the Horizon program, a precursor to the kind of news and Urban Crime. Once the lens is also a frontrunner for Sports Sports news. While the fact has been the pioneer for this type of program Crime Magazine.
Currently ANTV have local sport competition program or Indonesia Super League since 2008 till 2018 by ANTV broadcast exclusive, and other sports programs such as Total Football, sports champions and Lens. TOPIC daily news program that presents a variety of important information, actual, and draw from within and outside the country also became the mainstay ANTV.
Stress relievers comedy programs also became one of superior ANTV call it Laughter Sutra, Segeerrr Beneerrr, and OMG (Oh My God). Program Children who take shelter under the STAR KIDS ANTV also entertain viewers. Click and Steady music program and a quiz for the family of Indonesia that is packaged in the Super Family ANTV able to attract the attention of viewers.
ANTV will continue to be creative and continue to improve the quality of existing programs, so that the audience is always served with programs that are creative and fresh to be enjoyed every day.

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