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Company History 
Starting from the Jl. Darmo Permai, Surabaya, August 1990, accepted SCTV broadcast limited to areas Kertosusila Gate (Gresik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Surabaya, Sidoardjo and Lamongan) which refers to the permission of the Department of Information No. 1415/RTF/K/IX/1989 and Decree No. 150/SP/DIR/TV/1990. One year later, in 1991, SCTV broadcast beam extends reach Island of the Gods, Bali and beyond.
New in 1993, armed with Ministerial Decree No. 111/1992 of Information SCTV national broadcast throughout Indonesia. To anticipate the development of the television industry and also by considering the center of Jakarta as well as economic power, is gradually beginning in 1993 until 1998, SCTV move the national broadcasting operating bases from Surabaya to Jakarta.
In 1999 SCTV broadcasts nationally from Jakarta. Meanwhile, anticipating the development of information technology is increasingly leading to SCTV to develop the potential of media convergence by launching multimedia site, Through these three sites, SCTV is no longer in contact with Indonesian community in Indonesia, but also reach worldwide. In subsequent development, through parent company, PT. Surya Citra Media Tbk (SCM), SCTV develop its business potential to foreign broadcasts and through the limitations of traditional concepts to the concept of new media industries.
SCTV television industry to realize that existence is inseparable from the dynamics of the community. SCTV capture and express them through various programs news and feature coverage of the production of such notice Division 6 (Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night), Buser, Topic Week, Sigi and so forth. SCTV also gives direction to the viewer to select the appropriate impression. Therefore, in every show SCTV at the top left corner there is guidance for parents in accordance with the provisions of the Broadcasting Act No: 32/2002 on Broadcasting which consists of BO (Parents Guidance), D (Adult) and SU (All ages). Long before this provision is enacted, SCTV has selectively determine the day running the program in accordance with the character of the program.
In a period long journey, many accomplishments achieved from domestic and overseas including: Asian Television Awards (2004 for humanitarian programs Titian Kasih (Glow), 1996 children's news program Krucil), Far Eastern Economic Review magazine (3 times in a row succession as one of the 200 leading companies in Asia Pacific), Panasonic Awards (for news programs, news readers and current affair programs viewers choice) and so forth. All that makes SCTV increasingly mature. To that end, SCTV management deems it necessary to reaffirm her identity as a family television station. And since January 2005, SCTV change the logo and slogan to be more assertive and dynamic: One For All.
Through 47 transmission station, SCTV capable of reaching 240 cities and reaching approximately more than 175 million potential viewers. This dynamic continues to push SCTV to always develop the professionalism of human resources in order to always provide the best service to viewers and business partners.
SCTV has made the transition to digital production and broadcast platforms, which are part of a consistent policy to adopt technology to enhance performance and operational efsiensi. In the same spirit, that policy has placed a strong emphasis on building individual competence in all aspects to refine the knowledge base while nurturing the talents, creativity and initiative. This is the key to strengthen our position as one of SCTV leading television broadcasters in Indonesia.
Company listed on the Surabaya Stock Exchange since June 2003.

SCTV Management
Board of Commissioners:
Bp. R. Soeyono: Commissioner / Independent Commissioner
Bp. Eddy Sariaatmadja: Commissioner
Bp. Susanto Suwarto: Commissioner
Ibu Siti Hediati Hariyadi: Commissioner
Bp. Budi Harianto: Commissioner
Bp. Agus Lasmono: Independent Commissioner
Bp. Max Sumakno Budiarto: Independent Commissioner
Bp. Fofo Sariaatmadja: Director
Bp. Salusra Wijaya: Finance Director
Bp. Budi Sutjiawan: Director of Program & Production
Bp. Lie Halim: Director of Marketing & Sales
Bp. Alvin W. Sariaatmadja: Director of Business Development

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